I'm a PhD student in co-supervision with the M2DisCo team at the LIRIS laboratory (Université de Lyon) and the LIMD team at the LAMA laboratory (Université de Savoie) since the 15th of March 2012.
I'm currently working under the advisorship of David Coeurjolly and Jacques-Olivier Lachaud.
My research topic revolves around obtaining geometrical characteristics on digital objects.

DGtal library

I'm a contributor of the DGtal library.
DGtal is a collaborative project who aims at developing generic, efficient and reliable digital geometry data structures, algorithms and tools. It takes the form of an open-source C++ library DGtal and a set of tools and binaries DGtalTools.

ANR DigitalSnow

My thesis is financed by the DigitalSnow ANR-11-BS02-009
DigitalSnow is a research project that concerns the Discrete Geometry and Applied Mathematics for Snow Metamorphism. The main purpose of this project is to provide efficient computational tools to study the snow metamorphism from 3D images of real snow microstructures.