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Lesson 6 does not propose supervised programming activities. The principles in Lesson 6 can be implement in many different ways. We are still investigating these different possibilities but we do not have a stable solution to propose.

We, nonetheless, can offer the code that we used to record the demonstrations on Page 63:

1. Video 63-1 was recorded using revision 186 of the Vacuum Environment Project, and revision 261 of the Ernest Agent Project.

2. Video 63-2 was recorded using revision 165 of the Vacuum Environment Project, and revision 225 of the Ernest Agent Project.

We refer you to Page 58 for recommendations on how to use this code. You can also follow our blog for other versions and demonstrations, and to get updates on our work. See also our publications presented on Page 66 for a description of our latest implementation, and a discussion on the issues that remain to be addressed.

We hope that you now have the necessary background to continue on your own. From this point, any programming work you may do would constitute the original exploration of unknown territory and an innovative contribution to research!

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