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Implementing a self-programming agent

If you have no interest in programming then you can skip this page and proceed to the next page.

Project 4 implements the algorithm described on Page 43 and Page 44 to let you run your first self-programming agent.

For Lesson 4, your programming activities are:

Lesson 4 shows that Existence040 can adapt to three different environments (Environment010, Environment030, and Environment040). In fact, it can adapt to environments that require enacting sequences consisting of two steps or less (first-level composite interactions).

However, Existance040 makes bad decisions in environments that require longer sequences. This is because the algorithm does not yet process abstract experiments in the exact same way as primitive experiments, which stops it from being fully recursive. We will address this problem in the next lesson with Radical Interactionism, which removes the notion of primitive experiments and considers all experiments as abstract.

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