Fabien De Marchi

Associate Professor

Laboratoire LIRIS - Faculté des Sciences et Technologies - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Bâtiment Nautibus
43 boulevard du 11 novembre, 69622 Villeurbanne cedex France
Tel : + 33 (0) 472 445 825
fabien.demarchi [at] univ-lyon1.fr



Domains of interest

  • Databases, data-mining

  • Application domains:
    • Adaptability and genericity for data-mining algorithms
    • Web services: protocol mining and clustering
    • Logical database tuning


  • DAG (ANR DEFI 2009), 2009-2012
    Cross fertilization between artificial intelligence, combinatorial algorithmic and databases to bring original solutions to pattern mining problems
  • COMPAS (EU Framework 7 STREP project), 2008-2011
    Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services
  • S-CUBE (EU Framework 7 NoE project)
    Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering
  • ServiceMozaïc (ANR project), 2007-2009
    A framework for WebService Management System
  • FORUM (ANR project), 2006-2008
    Information integration in heterogeneous and distributed environments
  • DBACompanion
    A tool for logical database tuning

PhD students

Scientific activities

  • Program comities:
    • International journals (occasional) : DKE, TKDE, Information Sciences, Information Systems, Knowledge-Based Systems
    • International conferences : COOPIS'04, KES'09-10 and external reviewer for : ICLP'08, IJCAI'09.
    • National conferences : COSI'05-09, BDA'06, EDA'07-10, EGC'08-10.
  • Organizing comity : EGC'04, BDA'08, VLDB'09


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Other activities

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